2×10″/1×4”/1×2.5″ arrayable system


The Quint Audio L20 is a ‘double ten’ full range loudspeaker module designed for scalable vertical array setups in mid field PA applications. Characteristic to the L20 is the powerful large format coax driver mounted on a horn/waveguide combination that guarantees a constant directivity of 110 degrees linear in a frequency range running from 500Hz to 20000Hz. The low end is provided by two high-q 10″ woofers with high output and low distortion.

In the crossover area the waveguide and the woofers work together in perfect coherence over a large bandwidth, so that in this area a huge surplus in dynamic headroom and directivity is realized which strongly supports the vocals in live setups.

The L20 represents full range audio & high efficiency output combined in one single cabinet.

Application area

mid & far field scalable array
FOH top

live music
mechanical music

2x10"/1x4”/1x2.5 arrayable system
bi-amplified + mid-high passive
110W HF / 1100W LF
220W HF / 2200W LF
5 Ohms
100dB LF/108dB HF 1Wm
134dB LF/131dB HF 1m
137dB 1m
68-20 kHz
110°x12° hxv
29 kgs
840 x 265 x 450 mm

Advised electronics

P9 processor
A1 amplifier
A23 amplifier
A41 amplifier
A42 amplifier


  • L20-C1

    L20 cradle / stacking frame

  • L10-C2

    rigging subframe L10-C1 & L20-C1

  • L-pin

    L-series flying pin (one size fits all)

  • L10-E1

    C1 cradle / L-sub-low-bass cabinet interlink

  • L10-E3

    C1 cradle / L10-L16-L20 top cabinet interlink