10″ND/2×1″ arrayable system


The Quint Audio L10 is a 1×10”ND/2×1″ exit arrayable full range loudspeaker module designed for scalable vertical system setups in small to medium-sized PA applications. The system can easily be adapted to a desired coverage and to a desired SPL-demand.

The L10 is suitable for both stacking and flying. In both ways a standard setup is made up of 2 to 3 pcs of L10, to which one or more of the associated L-bass extensions can be added. Stacking and flying of standard setups can be done with the aid of the L-coupler module.

The bass-extensions mentioned are the L-sub and L-low. The L-sub functions as a genuine sub, while the horn-loaded L-low is more suitable as a real low-speaker. A combination of L-sub and L-low results in a very powerful bass foundation to L10 tops. More information in the L-low and L-sub data.

For more elaborate flown setups, involving more than 3 pcs of L10 tops, an additional L-cradle is available. For small ground based setups, with the aid of a special adapter, it is possible to place an L10 on a basic speaker stand or pole. Placing 2 to 3 tops on a stand safely, requires the use of the Quint Audio R2400 speaker pole.

Overall, the L10 is a very versatile and flexible system that is ideal for many daily rental situations and fixed installations and plays a valuable role in the Quint Audio system range.

Application area

Scalable FOH - FOH Top - Fill
Live & Mechanical Music
Vocals & Speech

10"ND/2x1" arrayable system
140W HF/550W LF
280W HF/1100W LF
8 Ohms
97dB LF/107dB HF 1Wm
128 dB 1m
134 dB 1m
52 -20.000 Hz
80°x12.5° hxv
23 kg
580 x 265 x 450 mm

Advised electronics

P1 or P2 processors
A1 or A2 amplifiers