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Each day the designers of Quint Audio are enthusiastically engaged in the development and construction of professional tools for audio engineers.

Quint Audio | Professional audio speakers

Quint Audio, manufacturer of
professional audio speakers was founded 2012 by its two Dutch owners Peter Kaandorp and Hans Kwinten. Hans Kwinten is the chief engineer and designer of quint audio while Peter Kaandorp is the current product manager. Both Hans and Peter have a lifetime history in pro audio technology.

As a young boy, CTO Hans Kwinten already built stereo living room systems for family and friends. At the age of 20 he worked at Philips Netherlands as an Energy Engineer at the Laboratory of Applied Physics. Although energy technology was his official job, he could be found much more often in the audio r&d department with the audio engineers of Philips inventing the Compact Disc (Yes it is a Philips invention!) and for instance the famous Philips MFB loudspeakers, rather than behind his own desk. After his career at (among others) Philips and Strukton Hans started with the full-time development of loudspeaker systems initially for third parties and companies but later as Quint Audio.

CEO Peter Kaandorp developed his love for the pro-audio especially in the actual working field. He worked for many years as a sound engineer and musician with various Dutch theatre companies and bands, and then worked for various distributors and manufacturers of bigger and smaller pro audio brands like German KS Audio and d&b audio. In 2001 he started his own pro audio sales company and from that background he began the collaboration with Hans Kwinten, who’s loudspeaker designs Peter had always been admiring and enjoying very much.

For Kwinten and Kaandorp the need to develop their own loudspeakers was partly born out of frustration that the available products did not offer the features that both men had in mind. In their view, it (still) are only the big brands that set the standards, even if it means these standards can sometimes be quite poor and old fashioned. They felt that it could be better and they could do better in many respects themselves. In addition, both men had so many new products and fresh ideas in mind that they decided to use them in the development of their own loudspeaker brand. And so was decided and carried out from 2012 onwards.

Although Quint Audio is still a modest player in the high-quality loudspeaker market, there is a wide range of professional audio speakers available, from high-end speakers for live theatre, via commercial audio systems and commercial speakers to professional speakers for clubs and discotheques. Quint Audio is seen by connoisseurs as a highly innovative and distinctive loudspeaker company in relation to the established market. 

What Quint Audio distinguishes them from many other brands, is the following combination of USP’s:

✔ Use of only high quality high end speaker components

✔ Cooperation with major brands of loudspeaker manufacturers, often customized and / or OEM optimized optimal performance in own design

✔ In-house design and modelling of acoustic lenses and horns 

✔ In-house 3D printing and measuring facilities for lenses, horns, housings etc.

✔ In-house CNC- and construction facilities for testing and building loudspeaker cabinets

✔ In-house Autodesk Inventor CAD design, simulation, documentation and rendering facilities 

✔ In-house development of own high-end electronics with unprecedented low distortion figures and extended dynamic behaviour

✔ In-house design and high quality fittings and rigging made out of certified steel.

✔ Wide range of installation and touring accessories

✔ High quality loudspeaker enclosures made out of pure Swedish birch

✔ Relentless strive for full range constant directivity in each and every system

✔ Extreme striving for linear dynamics in each and every system 

✔ Extreme striving for linear frequency responses in each and every system

✔ Extreme striving for linear phase responses in each and every system

✔ Giving extreme attention to counteract effects of power compression

✔ Very low distortion figures at very high sound pressure levels

✔ Built on durability and reliability

✔ True-to-life sound reproduction at concert sound pressure levels

✔ Realistic pricing 

✔ Unique Active Noise Cancelling and Active Directivity Control

And last but not least, right from the country of big inventions: Dutch Design!