2×15” arrayable low


The Quint Audio L-low is a 2×15”ND arrayable bass designed to be used in combination with the L10 top and L-sub subwoofer. It can be used in both flown and stacked setups.

The L-low design provides high efficiency low production associated with a powerful and punchful bass. Its is therefore ideal to team up with the L-sub. Together they add up nicely to reproduce the entire bass spectrum in a very powerful yet musical way.

The L-low is not only deployable together with other L-series loudspeakers but also with other Quint Audio tops in typical PA-applications such as live theater, live music and reinforcement of mechanical music, like dance, where often a strong forward punch is highly desirable.

The L-low features a built-in rigging system with tool free connection to other L-series loudspeakers and L-series accessories. The L-low is also equipped with M20 stand flanges on both the top as the side of the cabinet on which smaller loudspeaker or a single L10 can be mounted.

On the back of the L-low an extensive Speakon connection board is capable of receiving both NL8 and NL4 connectors. Two parallel NL8’s are split into two NL4’s. This makes any useful connection and/or split possible within the cabinet itself without the complexity of external wiring and splitting facilities.

Application area

scalable FOH low
PA Low

live music
mechanical music

2x15" arrayable system
2400W AES
4 Ohms
104dB 1W 1m
137dB 1m
143dB 1m
50 -300 Hz
61 kg
580 x 870 x 680 mm

Advised electronics

P9 processor
A23 amplifier
A41 amplifier
A42 amplifier