The Quint Audio R12 is a 12″ND/5″ND AMT biamped self powered full- range reference speaker system with unprecedented dynamic range and sonic performance


The R12 is equipped with several groundbreaking in-house developed patent pending technologies that makes it one of the most faithful and natural sounding loudspeakers in the entire industry. It really thrives on reinforcement of classical & jazz music and speech & vocals in live theater, opera house and (television) studio. Because of these unmerciful features, the R12 can also be very well used as a recording studio monitor or a reference loudspeaker.

The uncompromisingly Quint Audio designed high end converters, DSP hardware and DSP software work perfectly together with the built in high end amplifiers and power supplies. A combination of minimum phase and complementary filtering coupled to the uncompromising physical design, takes care of a linearity of the R12 in both dynamics, dispersion, frequency and phase which is unseen in the PA-field before.

Application area

live theater
live music
mechanical music

reference PA
reference monitor

12"ND/5"ND AMT biamplified system
digital complimentary FIR/IIR
124 dB 1m
35 -20.000 Hz
80°x40° hxv
35 kg
360 x 690 x 450 mm

Advised electronics


  • R12 bracket
  • R12 fork