The Quint Audio R-sub is a 21″ND sub-low ┬áreference speaker system with unprecedented dynamic range and sonic performance


The R-sub is a high-end subwoofer tailor made as sub-low extension for the Quint Audio R12 Reference Loudspeaker. The R-sub is going deep down to well below 25Hz.

Like the R12 top, the R-sub thrives on reinforcement of classical & jazz music in live theater, opera house and (television) studio, but is also very suitable for use as recording studio sub and/or reference loudspeaker.

Because of its infra-low capability the R-sub can also be of great interest for reinforcement and monitoring of contemporary electronic music, in which very often extremely energetic low frequencies are being used that are only decently audible on very large speaker systems or on extreme high-end monitor subs.

The R-sub is really something special that should be heard and experienced. The uncompromisingly Quint Audio designed high end converters, DSP hardware and DSP software work perfectly together with the built in high end amplifiers and power supplies.

A combination of minimum phase and complementary filtering coupled to the uncompromising physical design, takes care of a linearity of the R-sub in both dynamics, frequency and phase response which is unseen in the PA industry before.

Application area

live theater
live music
mechanical music

reference sub

21"ND infra sub system
digital complimentary FIR/IIR
124 dB 1m
25 -80 Hz
100 kg
580 x 1160 x 680 mm

Advised electronics