Quint Audio

Each day the designers of Quint Audio are enthusiastically engaged in the development and construction of professional tools for audio engineers.

Grachtenfestival Amsterdam, Tom Makkes AV with Quint Audio U12's en S18's
With a listening ear in ' the field ' and according to the latest technological developments and possibilities, they strive to create tools to help engineers to carry out their creative precision work with easy-to-use, good looking, nicely feeling, safe, sustainable, reliable, true to life, linear, high-quality speaker systems, which are able to amplify audio signals up to high sound pressure levels, according to predictable changes in specifications, well responsive to setups that sound-engineers apply.




RTL Late Night studio fully equipped with Quint Audio loudspeakers

freek zondermeer
Freek de Jonge on tour with Quint Audio

Different Cook over on Quint Audio, here with René and
Natasha Froger and Grant & Forsyth during the after
party of the Toppers in the Arena Amsterdam