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Nightclubs and discotheques are pushing increasing demands on sound quality and they have a multitude of applications often within one and the same building. It varies from large to small stages, large to small dance floors to high quality audio in the smallest corners of the establishment. And it has to be good. After all, it’s about music and experience. In addition to the size and scale, clubs also often have to deal with difficult conditions because the building is not built or equipped for perfect acoustics, which all too often leads to very specific high demands on the sound equipment. There are also many restrictions related to possible noise pollution in urban areas. Then too, as a club owner, you need equipment that is equipped for this and offers optimal solutions and that operates within the possibilities and mandatory frameworks of the law and the municipality. As mentioned, it’s about experience. Your audience should feel welcome and at home and preferably be in a warm bath of beautiful sounds and rousing rhythms. Only then will you have a satisfied visitors that likes to stay with you and invests their money in the hospitality that you offer through -among others- the application of high-quality audio technology. Especially for the club circuit Quint Audio designed a range of speakers, the C-series. This series of speakers not only meets all the requirements and wishes as described above, but the range also looks very nice and offers high tech audio for realistic pricing. 



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The advantages of our club speakers

The makers of Quint Audio speakers C-series have set themselves the goal of bringing a range of speakers to the market that are specifically intended for club and dance. The C-series offers a number of enormous advantages over the way in which a club is now often set up with sound equipment. Until now, for the better sound, speakers from the professional touring industry are used in a numerous cases. In itself, there is not much wrong with this, were it not for the fact that you pay huge sums of money for unnecessary rigging materials that are mounted on the speakers and that are intended to be able to carry enormous loads safely under the toughest conditions and that are also easy to build up and dismantle and transport. Of course, you don’t need that at all in your club. The C-series are specially designed for fixed installation and are therefore not equipped with unnecessary and expensive so called ‘flying systems’.  This makes them not only easier to integrate into your interior, the emphasis is of course much more on sound than on touring ability and that subsequently also translates into sharper pricing and therefore a higher return on investment. In addition, the larger C-series speakers feature Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) and Active Directivity Control (ADC). These features ensure a very controlled distribution of the sound, so that the efficiency is higher and you have much less trouble with annoying acoustic reflections. In addition, the ANC and ADC technology can be used to reduce any noise nuisance in adjacent buildings very efficiently and in a targeted manner. A real win-win situation!  


The best nightclub speakers

Thanks to some unique design features we are absolutely sure that the sound of the C-Series is unprecedented and will astound you when you hear it.  Only from the point of view of the internal  arrangement, most of our loudspeakers have never been seen before in the club market. One of the things that makes the speakers so good, is the use of only high quality high end speaker components. Quint Audio uses major brands of loudspeaker manufacturers, mostly customized and/or OEM optimized for optimal performance in own design. In addition, we do loudspeaker- and application-oriented modelling of acoustic lenses and horns. For this purpose, we have linked an in-house developed simulation system to a 3-D printer and an advanced own measurement system so that all loudspeakers can be set on maximum constant directivity and linearity in dynamics, frequency response, phase responses. Also so-called power compression (the system could become warm over time and therefore perform less is counteracted to the maximum, so that your sound system still sounds just as good at the end of the evening as it did at the beginning.). Further properties are low distortion figures at very high sound pressure levels and reliability, true-to-life sound reproduction at concert sound pressure levels and realistic pricing. And let’s not forget durability: The C-series speakers are made of birch plywood and have steel grilles, and a protective polyurea layers that, on order, is available in multiple RAL colours. The in-house designed installation materials are high quality fittings and rigging made out of certified steel.


Contact our product specialist

Peter Kaandorp

A professional audio system is expensive, must last a long and must meet very specific requirements. It must be tailor-made for the room in which it is installed and must meet all the wishes, requirements and the applications that the user desires from it. Because we cannot and do not want to work according to a trial and error principle, it is therefore extremely important that it can be predicted in advance whether the sound system will meet all these requirements. For good advice, it is therefore important to consult our expert. Together we draw up a plan of requirements on the basis of which we do an extensive simulation upfront. We use our advanced measurement data that we enter into EaseFocus and FIRmaker software. From this we can almost entirely predict how your system will perform. In addition, we will make sure that the system is technically professionally installed. This applies to both the cabling and the electrical system. This must of course be safe and documented up to applicable standards. Finally there is the installation and setting of the loudspeakers and electronics themselves. This must also be done safely and sustainably by professionals who know from clearly supplied drawings and diagrams how to build your installation traditionally, so that you can earn your money with it long, safely and with great pleasure and impress yourself and your guests with perfect club sound from high tech inventors’ country the Netherlands.

Experts in professional audio development

Quint Audio, manufacturer of professional audio loudspeakers was founded 2012 by its two Dutch owners Peter Kaandorp and Hans Kwinten. CTO Hans Kwinten is the chief engineer and designer of quint audio while CEO Peter Kaandorp is also the current product manager. Both Hans and Peter have a lifetime history in pro audio technology.