The Quint Audio M14 is a 14″ /3″ front loaded coaxial 2-way full-range monitoring loudspeaker, active passive switchable


Monitor engineering is one of the most responsible and demanding jobs in the whole of sound engineering. First and foremost it is important to keep your performer happy on stage by giving him/her all the information and SPL needed. As this can be quite specific and refined, you need an extremely responsive precision device; meet the brand new M14.

This 14 inch coaxial stage monitor brings together the best in what modern loudspeaker technology has to offer and what engineers and performers want: Superb definition in the highs, high intelligibility, a powerful bass foundation, vocals right in the face and coherent, light weight, dispersion linear and of a moderate size.

In addition, the monitor is very elegant looking as well.

Application area

Stage monitor
Side fill
Down fill
Drum fill
DJ monitor

Live Music
Mechanical Music

14"/3" high SPL coaxial floor monitor
active/ passive switchable
400W LF/ 80W HF
800W LF/ 160W HF
8 Ohms
100 dB LF/105dB HF Wm
129 dB LF/134dB HF
135 dB LF/140dB HF
74-18 kHz
80° nominal
15 kg
425x295x445 mm

Advised electronics

P9 processor
A1 amplifier
A23 amplifier
A41 amplifier
A42 amplifier


  • M14-H1
  • M14-H2