Every single day countless people enjoy the concert speakers, live music speakers and live sound speakers from Quint Audio. From sound engineers to club owners, artists and of course the audience: everybody loves it. In terms of sound quality and products, Quint Audio is unrivaled.  

Concert speakers
Quint Audio is a Dutch company founded in 2012 by Hans Kwinten and Peter Kaandorp. In just a few years, the high quality speakers and commercial audio systems conquered the music world. For example, Quint Audio’s concert speakers can now be found in discotheques, theaters and clubs across the Netherlands. It’s very important that these types of speakers deliver sound of the very best quality. After all, a concert hall can be very large and noisy. Fortunately, the concert speakers give true life to sound reproduction at concert sound pressure levels. Also important to know is that the speakers provide unique active noise cancellation and active directivity control.


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Live music speakers

Quint Audio shows that a small country can definitely excel when it comes to live music products. This company is known for its diverse and innovative audio products. The live music speakers are the perfect example of that. The high-end speaker components provide perfect sound and can be found in dozens of concert halls, theaters and discotheques. To make this possible, Quint Audio collaborates with the very best speaker manufacturers. As a result custom-made live music speakers are often OEM optimized for optimal performance.


What else you should know about Quint Audio?
Quint Audio’s audio systems and speakers are now an integral part of the music world. The idea of producing high quality speakers did not come out of the blue back in 2012. Founders Hans Kwinten and Peter Kaandorp felt that the speakers available at the time did not meet their high standards. In their opinion the big names in audio had the upper hand, while the quality of their products sometimes hopelessly lacked. Fortunately, this changed with the arrival of Quint Audio. Almost every product is manufactured in-house with extreme precision, care and attention. For example, Quint Audio uses its own 3D printing and measuring facilities for lenses, horns and housings. CNC and construction facilities are also used to build and test loudspeaker cabinets. All this to guarantee the very best quality!

Extended dynamic behavior
Quint Audio designs and tests all its audio products in-house to deliver top quality concert speakers, live music speakers and live sound speakers. The high quality electronics are known for their extended dynamic behavior and low distortion figures. And we shouldn’t forget the high quality fittings and the fact that the rigging is made out of certified steel. Have the founders of Quint Audio achieved their goal when it comes to providing high quality audio products? Definitely!

Live sound speakers

If you’re looking for sound speakers of professional quality, Quint Audio is the place to be. Discotheques, theaters and clubs simply cannot function without these products. The installation and use of live sound speakers is preceded by a whole process. This product is made by hand from heavy duty multi-layer birch wood. Thanks to this material it functions perfectly and lasts longer. Quint Audio also pays a lot of attention to the maximization of linear dynamics and the linear frequency responses of the live sound speakers. By doing so, the effect of power compression is counteracted as much as possible.


Suggested products

Quint Audio has a large number of interesting speakers divided into different categories. Good examples are the Universal Speaker Systems from the U-series and the Monitor loudspeakers from the M-series. For example, the Quint Audio U10 is a full-range speaker that is suitable for universal use.

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Experts in professional audio development

Quint Audio, manufacturer of professional audio loudspeakers was founded 2012 by its two Dutch owners Peter Kaandorp and Hans Kwinten. CTO Hans Kwinten is the chief engineer and designer of quint audio while CEO Peter Kaandorp is also the current product manager. Both Hans and Peter have a lifetime history in pro audio technology.