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For places such as shoppping malls, sport clubs, hotels or theme parks it is of the essence to connect with your visitors in many aspects. One of the best ways to make this happen is through distributed audio. Research has shown that perfect audio quality in combination with well chosen music creates a nice atmosphere and makes people feel more comfortable in your venue and makes them want to spend more money. The use of fine commercial audio is therefore also a way of increasing your turnover. But how do you achieve the best quality audio? We have a simple answer: the commercial audio speakers of Quint Audio. The sound of these high-quality loudspeakers is excellent and they come in any size and with the exact specifications you need for the job.


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Commercial audio systems

As we all may be aware of more and more, music has become and always has been an integral part of our lives. Archaeological research has shown that people were making cave drawings about music as early as 10,000 BCE. Thousands of years later, we now listen to music every day through commercial audio systems. These are professional systems that can be found in different spaces, ranging from a restaurant to a stadium, theater or nightclub. Quint Audio’s commercial audio systems are a prime example of how technological advances make life more enjoyable and simple. 

What makes Quint Audio’s  commercial audio systems the perfect solution?
Quint Audio is a Dutch company that was established in 2012. Within a decade, its commercial audio systems have become an integral part of many buildings. The excellent high end speaker components definitely contribute to this. One of the important technical aims of Quint Audio is ‘True Constant Directivity’ which gives the architect real control over the direction and the dispersion of distributed audio. Especcially the in-house design and modeling of horns and acoustic lenses are one of the many features that makes this possible and makes the Quint Audio commercial systems absolutely unique.


What is ‘commercial audio’?
Perhaps you’re still wondering what the term ‘commercial audio’ really means. In this case it refers to a category of high quality, studio-grade audio equipment. Typically it encompasses  sound reinforcement systems. Commercial audio is differentiated from consumer- or home-oriented audio, which are geared toward listening in a non-commercial environment. Commercial audio is used, for example, for distributing background music or making announcements. Obviously, the sound must be of excellent quality. The customer needs to hear what you have to say, whether he or she is in a shoppping mall, a hotel, a restaurant or a theme park. And that’s exactly what the commercial audio systems from Quint Audio provide.

High-quality equipment
When it comes to professional audio speakers, Quint Audio delivers everything you need. The high-end electronics are of in-house design and known for their low distortion ratings. The fittings and rigging on the loudspeaker cabinets are made of certified steel.The speaker housings are made of heavy multi-layer birch wood.

Never breaks down
Also important to know is that the our professional equipment never breaks down. Quint Audio uses several protection functions that ensure that the amplifiers and loudspeakers will always function properly. Of course the equipment is well protected against abuse and tampering as well.

Predictable results

A professional commercial audio system must be tailor-made for the room in which it is installed and must meet all the wishes, requirements and the applications that the user and customers desires from it. Because we cannot and do not want to work according to a trial and error principle, it is therefore extremely important that it can be predicted in advance whether the sound system will meet all these requirements. For good advice, it is therefore important to consult our expert. Together we draw up a plan of requirements on the basis of which we do an extensive simulation upfront. We use our advanced measurement data that we enter into EaseFocus and FIRmaker software. From this we can almost entirely predict how your system will perform.



Suggested products

The best commercial audio speakers

Thanks to some unique design features we are absolutely sure that the sound of Quint Audio’s commercial C-Series is unprecedented and will astound you when you hear it. Only from the point of view of the internal arrangement, most of our loudspeakers have never been seen before in the commercial audio market. One of the things that makes the speakers so good, is the use of only high quality high end speaker components. Quint Audio uses major brands of loudspeaker component manufacturers, mostly customized and/or OEM optimized for optimal performance in own designs. In addition, we do loudspeaker- and application-oriented modelling of acoustic lenses and horns. For this purpose, we have linked an in-house developed simulation system to a 3-D printer and an advanced own measurement system so that all loudspeakers can be set on maximum constant directivity and linearity in dynamics, frequency response, phase responses. Also so-called power compression (the system could become warm over time and therefore perform less), is counteracted to the maximum by design. Further properties are low distortion figures at high sound pressure levels and reliability, true-to-life sound reproduction at concert sound pressure levels and realistic pricing. And let’s not forget durability: The C-series speakers are made of birch plywood and have steel grilles, and a protective polyurea layers that, on order, is available in multiple RAL colours. The in-house designed installation materials are high quality fittings and rigging made out of certified steel.

Get advice from our experts

Together with our own experts, our sales partners will make sure that the system is technically professionally installed. Cabling and powering must of course be safe and documented up to applicable standards. Finally there is the installation and setting of the loudspeakers and electronics themselves. This must also be done safely and sustainably by professionals who know from clearly supplied drawings and diagrams how to build your installation traditionally, so that you can earn your money with it long, safely and with great pleasure and impress yourself and your guests with perfect club sound from high tech inventors’ country the Netherlands.

Contact our product specialist

Peter Kaandorp

Quint Audio strives to deliver the very best products and meet today’s high standards. Perhaps you still have some questions and/or remarks. In that case, we recommend you to contact our product specialist. He or she has space experience and provides professional advice. Besides that, it’s possible to draw up a plan of requirements together. By doing so, you can achieve the best results. Within no-time, you enjoy commercial audio speakers with a professional sound!

Experts in professional audio development

Quint Audio, manufacturer of professional audio loudspeakers was founded 2012 by its two Dutch owners Peter Kaandorp and Hans Kwinten. CTO Hans Kwinten is the chief engineer and designer of quint audio while CEO Peter Kaandorp is also the current product manager. Both Hans and Peter have a lifetime history in pro audio technology.